About Us

George Tran

Founder of Mango Tree Mobile

George Tran is known as the entrepreneur who single-handedly programmed 1Shoppingcart.com, the most widely used e-commerce solution of Internet marketers in the world.  Their annual merchant sales exceed $3 billion, and are the #2 gateway processor for PayPal.

George has been marketing on the Internet since 1996 with a precocious first venture, USHousing.com.  It was one of the first housing and rental listing websites to appear on the Internet.

In 1997, he founded GTA-Technologies, which provided a hosted shopping cart solution for merchants to securely take orders over the Internet.  By 1999, he provided free and premium shopping cart services to over 100,000 merchants, worldwide.

In 2000, dissatisfied with the lack of integration as he built new features, he worked tirelessly for four months re-inventing and programming a brand new holistic merchant technology solution and, with the help of his wife, Carol Anne, founded 1ShoppingCart.com.  Launched in April 2000, 1ShoppingCart.com quickly established itself as a strong player in the Internet Marketing arena.  He sold the company to his partner, Rob Bell, in 2002 and began a real estate investment company.

Though semi-retired, George was never far from technology.  He appeared in, and attended, many Internet Marketing seminars and continued to involve himself in the latest tech development and social media education.

In his latest venture, George founded Mango Tree Mobile LLC with his wife, Carol Anne. George and Carol identified the need for education and simple elegant solutions to help small businesses compete in the mobile world.

Mango Tree Mobile was founded with the vision to help give small business owners a competitive edge in marketing their business using social and mobile media.

Mango Tree is a privately held company that is 100% debt free.

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